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Posted by: , 14 Sep 2011 7:33PM
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Hello, I used to go for acupuncture in relation to my PCOS and had excellent treatment. It was about ten years ago, but found the whole experience excellent, and one I would recommend to others. However, this year I was in a head-on collision and have been experiencing problems with my back since. My doctor said they could provide it on the NHS - which was something I was keen to do (having such good results previously). I went to my first session today and nothing was explained to me, I had the needles put in, then the doctor left. The pain was incredible and I nearly passed out whilst the doctor was out the room. I felt sick and sweaty the whole time. I couldn't look at my watch or change position as it was too uncomfortable/painful. When the doctor returned he was in too much of a rush to answer my questions and said, he didn't have time to check if I was was ok, but that I could lie on the bed if I needed to... The bad practice aside, I was just wondering if that was normal to experience such a severe reaction - I konw it was very different with my PCOS, however, it was a completely scenario and my muscles will not have suffered the trauma then? Is this something I should be a little concerned about or could this be just an alternative situation for me (going from holistic, to medical model)? Thank you very much, Megan
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