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Posted by: Maurizio Dante Seveso, 28 Apr 2010 8:28AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Ayurveda - Marma massage


Diane Revelle
28 Apr 2010 11:08AM

AYURVEDIC treatments have restored my sister in law to complete health. Due to chronic stress,she developed 'alopecia universalis', not a single hair left on her body, and the wonderful Dr Ali brought her frail, weakened body and spirit back from the brink. Through Ayurvedic remedies and massage she steadily gained weight and strenghth, and now looks totally wonderful. All her hair is restored, her weight moved from a dangerous 5 1/2 stone to a much happier 8 1/2 stone, and she has her confidence back. Her life was saved. Diane Revelle MCthA
Carmen O'Connor
28 Apr 2010 11:36AM

I've never experienced your treatment myself, but if the above testimonial/fact isn't testament enough, I don't know what more proof people need! Why is scientific proof then needed to qualify it? It's my belief that people need to learn to trust in themselves more, listen to themselves more and know themselves more rather than listening to external clarifications - what works for one might not work for another, but if it works, it works - simples! Carmen O'Connor - Reiki Master Teacher and Complementary Therapist
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