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Posted by: Jacki Stephen, 4 Jun 2011 3:31PM
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Hi there.. Im studying holistic massage, and need to know if I can massage someones face if they have undergone botox treatment around eyes and on crease of nose? If so how long after treatment, and can i treat those areas or have to leave those areas but can work other areas of face


Jeanette Bean
5 Jun 2011 10:53AM

From a personal point of view, I would not work in the area that botox has been. Just personal opinion again, I would treat it like small oporation and stay away from area for three to six months at least. But unfortunately in this name and blame society if anything goes wrong with the botox treatment you could be first in the firing line. Hope this helps.
Louisa Pini
5 Jun 2011 11:06AM

When I studied Japanese Face Massage we were advised not to treat a client who had received botox in their face in the last 3 weeks. This is because it is a substance that is not only toxic but it that can be moved around the face through the massage. To be on the safe side I would check with the consultant who gave the botox injections. I think it is difficult to say avoid this for 6 months because I think this is a treatment that people have more than once in this time period. Fortunately, none of my clients have had any botox. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Louisa
Dawn Spragg
5 Jun 2011 8:16PM

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