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Posted by: , 12 Mar 2013 3:50PM
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business logo copyright

Hi, I am currently studying for an ITEC diploma in Complementary Therapies and I hope to start up my own company upon completion of the course in July. I have designed a logo for my business of which my tutor told me to ask CTHA how i can go about copyrighting the logo for my business. I would be grateful of any help you could give me. Joanne


Stuart Dare
13 Mar 2013 6:21PM

Hi Joanne, I may be wrong but I believe you would have to register your logo as a trade mark and not as copyrite, however a quick search found the following site to register intelectual property rites etc hope it helps. http://www.ipo.gov.uk/types/tm.htm
Sophie Jewry
4 Apr 2013 1:13PM

Hi Joanne, you do indeed need to go down the Trademark route if you wish to register protection for your logo. Bear in mind you'll be looking at around £1000 for a basic registration with logo and words in the category you like (give or take). So it's something to consider carefully. Before going down the trademark route I would recommend that you ensure that you can set up a Limited Company, that your domain name is free and that there is no one else in the same industry as you with the same name or logo. Also look on the trademark website to check against current trademarks to check yours is not already taken. also seek advice from an IP company to ensure it's the right thing for you and your business. If you're doing mostly local work, often it's not worth the time and energy. If however you are going to launch a huge product or service that could have massive competition then it's definitely a good way to go. It's about protecting your identity and considering how far down that road you need to go. Bearing in mind that your logo/branding will be copyright anyway. If you have a Limited Company you'll also be protecting the name that way. If you are a sole trader then the other things mentioned above should be done before you go down the trademark route as they are very important. I could go on but I would recommend that you go on the trademark website http://www.ipo.gov.uk/tm.htm and also seek professional advice from an IP adviser so you know the best way to go forward. Good luck.
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