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Posted by: , 14 Feb 2016 5:53PM
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Can you make and sell your homemade essential oils

Hi there, I am hoping you could help me. I am not sure you are the correct people to contact but I have been researching online for weeks and I can't find any information on the subject. I currently grow herbs, flowers and in the future also citrus fruits etc in my garden and want to produce essential oils from them on a very small scale to use as natural and organic scents in my home fragrance products. I am looking to start a small business in the future selling natural, organic candles and skincare using botanicals that I have grown myself. I have done extensive research on how to actually make and produce the essential oils for myself but I cannot find information anywhere that tells me the legalities of doing this and selling them to the public. How do you produce essential oils that you have made and distilled yourself from homegrown herbs etc and sell them to the public? For example - Do the essential oils you have made yourself need to be tested in any way? If so, what for? Do they need to be registered with some sort of official body? What is legally considered a "pure essential oil"? How do they need to be labelled? What is the process of legally producing your own homegrown, and homemade (eg distilled yourself) essential oils? And any other information that you could provide so that I can produce essential oils at home and legally sell them, both as the oil itself and used in products such as candles, soaps and skincare etc. If you are unable to help me in this matter but know someone who might be able to I would greatly appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you,
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