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Posted by: , 21 Jan 2011 10:41AM
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client consultation records

I am about to start practicing and wanted to know what method you recommend for storing client records. Many Thanks Deborah


Ann Denman
22 Jan 2011 5:22PM

Dear Deborah Your Insurance company will have an opinion on the type of records you need as a minimum e.g.Holistic Insurance Company - http://www.holisticinsurance.co.uk/recordkeeping/ or for a fuller idea then visit the ITEC site for their client record suggestions - http://www.itecworld.co.uk/qualifications/Diplomas.aspx?k=84. The link here goes to a Reflexology record but if you check out other therapies you will find the other versions more applicable, depending on what you are practicing. Good luck with your practice, I trust that you will enjoy your work and feel as passionate as we all do. Ann.
Ann Denman
22 Jan 2011 5:25PM

I am so sorry Deborah I have just re-read your question and realised I've answered incorrectly. A locked filing cabinet is the way I store records but if they are kept on your PC then I belive there is possibly a data protection issue. maybe some-one else can elaborate on that. Ann
Catherine Allan
10 Feb 2011 10:44PM

For data protection it is normal practice to keep all client records in a locked filing cabinet. No one other than the practitioner and client should have access to records. Unadvisable to store files on computer
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