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Posted by: , 8 Dec 2011 5:16PM
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Complementary therapy

Dear, Sir - Madam, I am currentely doing a degree in complementary therapy, and i have been given a task brief to analyse the roles of professional association. i would really appreciate your help on the question below. 1, how many therapies do you cover 2, the length of time that the organisation/ association has been in existance 3, why was it set up 5, how do you regualate the industry 6, benefits of the membership 7, process of registration thanking you in anticipation! hope to hear from you soon. caroline stark


29 May 2014 11:05AM

Dear Caroline, Thanks for the message. Founded in 1996, CThA, is a leading professional association representing sports, spa and complementary therapists in the UK and Ireland. Members cab benefit from the following: * Professional help and advice from a team of experts * Local groups in your area * Discounted Insurance * Professional recognition * Embody - a quarterly industry magazine * Promotional Opportunity * Listing on embodyforyou.com website * Access to accredited courses The registration process is simple. You may contact us at: email: info@ctha.com Phone: 0845 202 2941 Hope this helps. CThA
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