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Posted by: , 24 Jan 2012 10:56AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I am looking into massage therapy, but I have a tendacy to contract verrucas. I was told that I am not allowed to receive or give a massage. I understand I would not be able to have a foot massage (nor would want one), but do not understand why I could not massage someone. It seems a bit extreme, as I have lived with my husband for 23 years and he has never got them from me. I also do not plan on massaging anyone with my feet. Could you please let me know if this is true and if so explain why. Thank you.


Angela Smith
24 Jan 2012 11:56AM

I would challenge that, you arn't planning to massage people with your feet! Cross contamination does happen but there are procedures you can follow to ensure this is kept to a minimum. I know a reflexologist (advanced practitioner) who uses gloves to work in and continues to treat people with different skin conditions. He follows strict clinical guidelines to ensure infection control and prevention.
Amanda Clegg
29 Feb 2012 4:14PM

I should just keep quiet about the verrucas generally, as you say - you're not using you feet to massage. If you are recieving massage all you need to do is indicate by keeping a sock on the relevant foot that you do not wish it to be massaged. Would be interested to know who gave you such negative advice!
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