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Posted by: , 29 Jun 2011 9:46PM
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Cover for voluntary work

FRIEND HAS A QUALIFICATION IN REIKI AND SHE WOULD LIKE TO DO VOLUNTARY WORK. Could she just have insurance or would she need to be member of a professional body.


Pamela Bracken
6 Jul 2011 8:03PM

She doesnt need to be a member of an assocations but does need her own insurance. There are companies who offer special insurance for therapists. She may well find it much cheaper to be a member of an association and get her insurance through them. They have access to block schemes which are usually cheaper.
Cindy Wingate
31 Jul 2011 9:37PM

Respectfully, I would like to know why she would need 'insurance' simply to move hands over another, and for FREE at that?
Pamela Bracken
1 Aug 2011 10:03AM

Hi Cindy Government National Occupational Standards for Reiki practitioners were published around 2003, details are on the Skills for Health website. Insurance cover isnt about whether the practitioner is paid or not. Insurance covers the treatment for injury to clients caused by the treatment itself (which, I agree, may be very unlikely if the therapist hasnt touched them!). It includes cover for example if the client falls off the couch and is injured (before hot stones therapy - this was the top reason for insurance claims), or trips on the carpet, or falls down the stairs. Sometimes clients may feel light -headed after a treatment particularly if they have been lying down. It would cover the therapist if the client was to put in a claim that the therapist had injured them in some way, and were to sue. Insurance protects the practitioner as well as the client. A voluntary organisation such as a hospice, where treatments may be free, would insist that the practitioner is qualified and insured. The cheapest way to get cover is through membership of a professional association.
Cindy Wingate
1 Aug 2011 10:21AM

We are all at 'risk of 'tripping on a rug', 'falling down the stairs' etc at any time - dashing for a phonecall, one two many vodka's.... this acceptance of regulation is the problem. Just my opinion. :)
Pamela Bracken
1 Aug 2011 11:10AM

Unfortunately we now live in a litigation culture.
Cindy Wingate
1 Aug 2011 2:16PM

"YOU aRe Born FRee To Be anything yOU Dream To Be" Peace :)
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