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Posted by: , 17 Nov 2014 5:15PM
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CPD trainers

Hello, I'm a member of a therapist group and we're trying to set up some CPD workshops for ourselves as there is nothing locally. Can any CPD trainers give us some idea of how much a trainer will charge her day? We're aware we will need to pay expenses too. This will give us some idea as to whether it will be worthwhile going ahead. Many thanks for your help.


Dawn Spragg
17 Dec 2014 7:00PM

www.healinghandsaromatherapy.co.uk Hi Im a 7407 qualified tutor and fully qualified to teach pretty much all of my beauty treatments. Advanced Massage, usually divided in to areas of the body for 1 day advanced courses. to give you some pointers in what to look for in a trainer and also what they will be wanting. 1) What venue would the training be in, will you be providing couches or the hardware needed at the venue. 2) All good trainers (I do) will provide the consumables as part of the final training cost package, they would also source the kits you may be required to purchase. 3)As a trainer I would want to visit the venue if it is not a registered insured salon to do a health and safety check and to make sure that the facility was up to scratch with all required. 4) All training notes and over heads etc would be provided by trainer so they would also want to know if the facility had computers interactive white boards or any form of display. 5) Value in numbers the more the merrier but I personally would not want to train more than 14 at time to ensure that they all get the individual attention they require. 6) For CPD expected to do home work and a test, you may even be asked to produce case studies ( I would ask for this in some cases). 7)cost: I don't know any private tutors worth their salt who would charge less than £350.00 per day, that's just for teaching. I hope some of these pointers help If you want any further info please simply contact me via the web site above and I will assist any way I can. Dawn Spragg
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