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Posted by: , 28 May 2010 10:46PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Does anybody from CThA look at these pages?

it all seems a bit 'dormant'---is anybody there? I was thinking of joining (with FHT at the moment-useless)but-----


Wendy Alexandrar
31 May 2010 9:19AM

I have just logged on - so yes I am here! I am co-ordinator for the North East which area are you in?
Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
1 Jun 2010 5:30PM

This section has only recently started so will take a bit of time to mature, However I would take this opportunity to say that I have been with CThA for quite a few years now and have always found them very helpful when Ive phoned with a query ... friendly and efficient ...
Elaine Anderson
3 Jun 2010 10:45PM

3rd June 2010 Hi I have been a practicing therapist for 12 years and have found CThA to be supportive and helpful, and forward thinking
Amanda Clegg
6 Jun 2010 9:10AM

I've been a member of the CThA for over 5 years now (practising massage therapist for 8yrs) and although sometimes I feel they could be more proactive with the membership, the site forums are good and the membership contact is useful.
Susan Rands
16 Jun 2010 3:40PM

Hello! I've just started looking at these pages. I've been rather busy lately with studies so I'm now catching up on what is going on in the complementary world outside. Looking forward to seeing what the hot topics are!
Linda Donaldson
30 Jun 2010 11:34PM

I am here too!! I can highly recommend joining and the magazine we get sent is full of great information.
Dawn Spragg
13 Jul 2010 4:23PM

Im here Although a recent add on I can assure you that it is read by many and as you can see from the replies from some with long term experience and knowledge an awful lot of expertise is exchanged . Keep reading If you add to the quality of the forum this can be added to your CPDs
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