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Posted by: , 19 May 2011 4:20PM
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Holistic Facial Products

I am an aromatherapist and am thinking of making my own facial products using essential oils and selling them to my clients. I have just seen that someone posed a similar question last year regarding selling oils. Does the same apply to products made with base creams. I went to a May Day Fair and there was a lady there selling home made facial and body products using essential oils. I dont know if she has made the cream herself or if she is using a base cream. Will she have had to have a licence to retail these products. I am not going to advertise my products as such but I was going to have them on "show" in my salon should people wish to buy them. Will I be allowed to do that. Thank you Patricia


Robert Craig
21 May 2011 10:52PM

Amanda Clegg
13 Jun 2011 7:10PM

yes you do have to have all skincare products that you make tested and certified, even if you are adding essential oils to commercially supplied base products. contact the Aromatherapy Council for more details. the only exclusion is if you are supplying to clients that you have had a face to face consultation with, and you are, eg, providing an aromatherapy blend for them to use at home. However, you would need to check your insurance covers you for product sales.
Amanda Clegg
13 Jun 2011 7:17PM

Gill Kenyon has some good info on a post under treatment discussions in this forum - http://www.ctha.com/Forums/?b=7650
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