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Posted by: , 1 Jun 2012 2:23PM
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Holistic massage: pregnancy contraindicated

When is pregnancy contra-indicated for a holistic massage? How safe is it to have a massage at any point during a pregnancy. I read somewhere that even massaging feet during pregnancy is not advised due to the release of certain hormones which would put the foetus at risk.


Susan Rands
18 Jun 2012 10:07AM

Massage is generally not advisable during the first trimester, that is the three months of pregnancy. After that there are certain things that have to be taken into account in order to provide a safe and comfortable massage, such as position of the mother-to-be and, for aromatherapy massage, avoiding some essential oils. A gentle foot massage is unlikely to cause harm and is more likely to provide relief and comfort. There are specialist websites and books that can give a more detailed answer.
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