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Posted by: , 18 Jun 2010 5:14PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Home learning?

Im intrested in beginning a career in complementary therepy and have just been looking at the Complementary Therapies Diploma on the DCA Home Learning website, please could you tell me if this is any good as its quite a lot of money to invest in doing (£629.00) If i were to take this course (if it is any good) what would my career prospects be? would i need further training after? Kind regards K Darcy


CThA Administrator
25 Jun 2010 1:28PM

Hi, In my expereince some associations and insurance companies (including the CThA) do not accept distance learning courses. This is ususally beacuse they do not have enough hands on training. Therefore, it may be a good idea to phone around the associations or insurance companies and find out if they will accept the qualification before you undertake it.
Amanda Clegg
30 Jun 2010 11:57PM

Do contact your local Further Education college who will run either ITEC or VTCT courses, and you may even get some help with funding. Good luck.
Dawn Spragg
12 Jul 2010 11:29PM

Amanda Clegg
13 Jul 2010 5:54PM

I so agree with you, Dawn - and would add, once you are qualified, carry on wiht the CPD stuff by attending day schools as the initial ITEC training is only the start. Also do swaps with more experienced therapists and get them to show you some of the advanced techniques (eg piriformis release, which is NOT taught on the ITEC syllabus - at least it wasn't when I trained)
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