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Posted by: , 14 Feb 2011 11:27AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

home study courses

I am a qualified reflexologist and i am looking to study new therapies.Could you tell me if home study courses or short courses with only one or two days practical training are recognised by your association. Kind Regards Deborah Wright


Lorraine Murray
16 Feb 2011 4:33PM

Hi Deborah I am only a member of CTHA but would be careful if using home study courses for further therapies. Whilst the reference information is helpful, you really need the 1 on 1 contact with a tutor to help you understand what you need to do with that therapy. These are my thoughts (so you don't have to study something twice) - wonder what other therapists think?
Rodney Stuart Robinson
22 Feb 2011 11:40AM

Yes I agree with the above in most cases but I feel there should be some flexibility on a case by case basis. I recently completed an advanced aromatherapy course (home study). Despite being an experienced registered nurse and homoeopath with other complementary disciplines I was refused professional insurance cover on the basis that the course was home study. If it was brain surgery yes I could understand it, but I think my professional healthcare background/qualifications and years of experience in self employed practice should have been taken into consideration.
Edward Dinnage
23 Mar 2011 11:04AM

This will be a topic which will run and run. Yes complementary therapy CAN be beneficial, but by this token then the same process incorrectly applied also has capacity to do harm. I too am an RGN, yes there are years of clinical experience incorporated from a health professional being twined with the complementary work I do. Err on the side of caution - any problems, I do not treat and recommend a GP's input. As for correspondence courses well I look at it from this perspective. Insurance companies and complementary organisations care about the quality of the work provided by their members and so sure they need assurances that the practitioner is fit for purpose. However, one glaring omission in my opinion is that of CRB checks - seemingly lacking, and this mostly across the board. Yes correspondence courses in 'safe' subjects such as Reiki or reflexology (no bio-active topicals applied) I would have no problems with paying what the practitioner is actually worth in this. However when it gets to diagnostics and herbal remedies THIS is the point where necessity for protection of the public must be prominent. For example if you go to http://www.naturalhealingcollege.com/ you'll see an organisation which is offering a 'legal' Ph.D in Holistic health your for less than $1,000 and all done by correspondence course (six months estimated time)in which anyone within the context of this award can also be a 'Master Herbalist'. Only a matter of time before we start hearing about the INCREDIBLE achievements by their graduates!!! Org's like this NEED to be licensed and monitored - no wonder insurance companies are getting stricter! For complementary therapies to be taken more seriously it will have to get stricter and have national standards of assured education and expertise. Especially with this organisations graduates now starting to do their rounds. Best Eddie :-)
CThA Administrator
23 Mar 2011 2:21PM

Hi Deborah, The CThA would not be able to accept a distance learning course as a qualification. Kind Regards, Zara
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