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Posted by: , 23 Sep 2019 1:50PM
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How do I recovery after wrist injury?

Hello everyone, I was a massage therapist up until two years ago and I enjoyed it, but I sustained a sports injury to my right wrist that ended my career. It caused severe tendonitis. However, I would like to return to massage, but only doing a minimal amount in order not to injure myself again. Do you think this is feasible? I had physio on it and two steroid injections into the wrist, but two is my limit. They worked, but I don’t want steroids in my body again. Do you have any advice for me please? Kind regards to all, Jane.


Jane Petchelco
21 Oct 2019 11:00AM

How about considering manual lymphatic drainage - you will need to do additional qualifications but there is no pressure on your wrists? Or natural facelift massage again less stressful on your joints.
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