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Posted by: Carol McCubbin, 12 Feb 2013 3:43PM
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Looking for advice, how long would you advise someone to wait before having a massage after a hydrocortisone injection in the foot. I always thought after an injection you had to wait for 24hrs not sure if it is longer when having a hydrocortisone. Want to keep myself right. Any comments please.


Sue Darvill
12 Feb 2013 5:20PM

Hi there I have just had a steroid injection into the SIJ joint and was advised not to have any physio treatment until my follow up consultation, which is beginning of March. The injection took place on 29 January. Hope this helps.
Carol McCubbin
12 Feb 2013 8:20PM

Hi Sue Thanks very much for your comments. Carol
Francesca Crocetta
13 Feb 2013 10:43PM

Hi Carol, I would consider a few points with regards to you injection. The cortisone injection has been give to reduce inflammation in that area, ANY massage will encourage dispersal of the cortisone, therefore reducing the action of the cortisone. From my own experience, both as a patient and as a therapist, I would not have any massage for at least 14 days, by which time the cortisone will have done it's work..you hope. Next point, when you talk about massage, you should seek an advanced clinical massage therapist, someone who has been trained to deal with both acute and chronic injuries. The approach and touch is a much more sensitive handleing than the traditonal sports massage therapist's technique. The traditional Physiotherapist who sees you in hospital does rarely do any hands on treatment (palpatory soft tissue work) which would help speed recovery, again done by a ACM therapist. I hope this has been of some help, if you need further help in any way, get in touch. I wish you well and hope the injection solves your problem.
Carol McCubbin
14 Feb 2013 10:24AM

Thanks Francesca, I appreciate your reply Carol
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