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Posted by: , 19 Jul 2010 3:27PM
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implications of giving massage

Hi, I'd like to know what the implications are of giving massage within 24hrs, I understand that the body is undergoing a process of cell repair, but what actually happens to the body if it receives massage within 24hrs? Will it not be able to heal, will the massage have any effect or is it ok to give massage within 24hrs if the client is experiencing pain and tension the following day? Thanks a lot From Amy Stevens @ Climbing Rose Holistic Therapies


Patricia Taylor
22 Oct 2010 2:59PM

So much depends upon what problem the client presented with in the first place. Presumably your client was experiencing tension and pain before the initial massage. What was your assessment of the reason for the pain? If inflammation or nerve compression of some kind is suspected, I personally would not massage again within 24 hours and would probably refer the client to their doctor. If your treatment has caused the pain, this may be a normal muscle reaction to deep tissue treatment and should disappear within a day or so, leaving the client feeling much more comfortable. This is very much a judgement call based on your knowledge of the client and his/her physical & mental condition.
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