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Posted by: Angela Cooke, 22 Jun 2012 5:02PM
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Indian head massage on pregnant ladies

I was wondering what other therapists qualified in indian head massage think about this. If a lady is pregnant and comes to you for an indian head massage would you send them away if they are in the first trimester? My personal feeling is that the benefits of massage are great especailly for pregnant ladies who could do with a bit of pampering at this time. Massage is a natural therapy, reduces stress and tension and encourages relaxation. I would like to always treat all pregnant ladies but there is some division of opinion on this because the first trimetser of pregnancy is the more uncertain time of a pregnancy and some would rather not give treatments during this time. All of your opinions and experiences are welcome Thanks Angela


Elizabeth Kerr
22 Jun 2012 6:02PM

Hi Angela, I would not treat a pregnant lady until after the twelve-week stage and ensuring that there are no complications after that time. As far as I know there is no scientific research to prove that IHM could cause miscarriages, but they do commonly occur during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, and the client may incorrectly associate the treatment and the miscarriage. So for your own protection and peace of mind, I would advise treatment after 12 weeks and inform your client that it is a contraindication at the moment.
Susan Brown
22 Jun 2012 8:10PM

22/6/12 Sue Brown Hi Angela I have given Indian Head Massage in the first few months of pregnancy. The only area to avoid is the dip inbetween the shoulder and neck area (where the bra strap lies). I do traditional indian head taught to me by a reiki master and we were always told that it is perfectly safe apart from this area. I myself have had this type of massage during pregnancy and found it extremely relaxing but unfortunately in this day and age it may be safer to wait until after the first 6 months just in case you are blamed for any unfortunate miscarriage.
Sally Knight
22 Jun 2012 10:56PM

Hello Angela I am an Aromatherapist and also do IHM. Until recently, I worked in a NHS psychiatric hospital and some of the patients referred to me were in their first trimester. The use of essential oils is contraindicated but I have carried out gentle IHM which provided much needed relaxation without any ill effects. I would be cautious if it is a first pregnancy or if there is a history of miscarriage. For your protection, I would suggest waiting until your client is in the second trimester. Sally Knight 22.6.12
Angela Cooke
23 Jun 2012 11:34AM

Thankyou for your replies, I appreciate your opinions on this. All the best Angela
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