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Posted by: , 17 Sep 2010 1:48PM
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licence from local authority

hi there do i need to obtain a licence to set up my beauty and massage business


Dawn Spragg
12 Oct 2010 9:26PM

Yes most defiantly. You will also need to be checked for Fire regs hydrants alarms etc and health and safety. This should have been taught in your Business Study section of your qualification but if in doubt Contact your local council and ask for information specific to your borough Good luck
Moragh Ann Leask
13 Jan 2011 5:05PM

you need to register with your local authority. You may not need a licence, which entails the checks etc. my local authority advised me that if I was a member of the CTHA then all i needed to do was register with them. You still need to complete the full application for for your local authority, in which you state which Association and insurance you are with. I would phone your local authority and ask them, mention the CTHA specifically. The council confirmed in writing to me that I was registered and able to practice at my clinic. I did and saved myself several hundred pounds for a licence.
Dawn Spragg
13 Jan 2011 9:21PM

Hi Moragh Thanks for this Which local authority is this? , I will look in to this and inform our authority of their more flexable policy and see if they will take the same line .
Moragh Ann Leask
14 Jan 2011 1:10PM

Hi Dawn, it is Richmond Council. Good Luck
Dawn Spragg
14 Jan 2011 9:33PM

Thats great thank you for coming back with this Dawn
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