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Posted by: , 19 Apr 2010 3:30PM
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massage and aromatherapy

what are the contradictions for treating some one with cellulitis


Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
28 Apr 2010 10:46AM

Cellulitis is an inflammation - usually including a bacterial factor. With any inflammation I would not touch the area. It is well known that the body tends to over-react and that`s why the inflammation needs to be treated. With such a condition I would definitely refer the client to their GP. The Complementary help in my opinion would be to treat any added stress symtoms.
Dawn Spragg
28 Apr 2010 12:28PM

Cellutitis is an inflammation of the skin caused by a bacterial infection in the tissues just beneath skin this results in painful rending which increases over a 24 hour period>So initially this would be a total contraindication to any massage aromatherapy treatment and the client should immediately be referred to a GP as you will not know what is causing the sever pain or arrhythmia. When the symptoms have been diagnosed fully there is a bath treatment which can assist Add, 2 drops of chamomile oil, and 1 drops of thyme oil 2 drops of orange oil, 2 drops of tea tree oil to a warm bath. Blend the oil with a carrier like pure alcohol or milk in a small egg cup to ensure the full blending with bathwater .Soak in the bath for ten to twenty minutes. Tea tree& thyme oils are antiseptic, and chamomile & orange oils relax the nervous system. But this should only be utilised once the problem has been diagnosed by a professional dermatologist as one of the milder forms of Cellutitis as there can be far more severe forms such as cellulites-fasciitis. Finally massaging over any form of celulitits would be extremely painful in early stages so this would be a total no no. Avoiding Celulitis: Health and safety ;Protective clothing in work situations where you may be exposed to risks of skin damage especially if you should have diabetes, lymphedema, or any other condition that predisposes you to developing cellulites. Ensure any breaks in skin are properly cleaned and sterilised. Healthy eating and a good diet with lots of fresh water is a must to ensure the body can fight of f infection. Dawn Spragg Healing Hands Terapist and Tutor.
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