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Posted by: , 26 Aug 2017 5:13PM
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Massage or Reflexology?

Hello, I have my A&P qualification and now I am deciding between training in Reflexology or in massage. While I am naturally more drawn to Reflexology, after spending some time on line, I can see that there are far more jobs for massage therapists than for Reflexologists. I would of course want to set up on my own eventually, however, to start with I thought it might be 'financially safer' to work for an organisation P/T while I build up my own client list. Does anyone have any advice as to which therapy might be best to start with? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Eilis Devendra
31 Aug 2017 5:19PM

I am trained as both a massage therapist & reflexologist. I trained as a reflexologist first and then decided to expand my skills and train as a massage therapist. While I love both types of work, I personally found massage therapy too physically demanding for me so I now only practice reflexology. But you are right, there is more paid employment in massage so that might be a better option financially for you. Perhaps start with massage and then you could train as a reflexologist later when you are more established. However if finances were not an issue, I would personally recommend reflexoogy over massage, I personally find it more rewarding and it is becoming more accepted now eg. cancer patients and hospice patents are referred on the NHS. Best of luck with your studies. Whichever you choose you will find it very rewarding.
Anna Chapman
7 Nov 2017 5:20PM

Did you decide on this? I am trained in both and now specialise in reflexology. Yes, there are more opportunities for massage however there are thousands more massage therapists than reflexologists and perhaps the market is a little saturated. I feel the reflexology is much more beneficial to clients for health issues, chronic and acute and you can specialise more, thereby developing a more robust niche. Personally the massage was also too physically intense for me. Go with what feels right and that will be the most successful path for you. Best wishes and good luck!
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