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Posted by: , 15 Feb 2012 8:41PM
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phantom limb pain

is there a therapy to ease this pain in the amputated limb


Caroline Tipler-Rowlands
17 Feb 2012 8:09PM

I imagine your question is specifically asking is there a Complementary therapy that could help. I do many therapies and if I had such an enquiry I would be inclined to suggest that the person investigate the Mirror Technique. This is not a complementary therapy and I am not sure if it is available through the NHS. I have seen a number of documentaries on this and the results seem impressive. The principle seems to be based on re-educating the brain to understand that the limb is now gone - the brain `believes` the limb is still there and that seems to be what is causing the pain. The mirror technique acts by sending new data to the brain. Bear in mind that I am not saying this as a professional in this field - but it is certainly something that I would do if I had such a condition. The success of the mirror method inspired a team of researchers at the University of Manchester in England to experiment a technology of "immersive virtual reality" to combat the discomfort caused by phantom limb syndrome.[21][22] The researchers reported that phantom limb pain can be relieved by attaching the sufferer's real limb to an interface that allows them to see two limbs moving in a computer-generated simulation. This works on the same principle as the mirror box technique in that the somatosensory cortex is being 'tricked', except that the computer created illusion is thought to be stronger. Another virtual reality research was reported in 2009. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phantom_limb
Pamela Bracken
17 Jul 2012 3:37PM

You could investigate some of the energy therapies such as Kinesiology, Reiki, Reflexology Even though the limb may be missing its energy counterpart it thought to be still there.
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