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Posted by: , 13 Nov 2012 9:33AM
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what are the principles and practices for complementary therapies?


Carol Anne Greenwood
14 Dec 2012 10:14PM

That is a HUGE question!! Its not a simple as the Hippocratic Oath - "First do no harm" (which is the fallacy of alliopathic medicine in my personal estimation). Complementary therapies have that in their core too - but they also have "facilitating the body to heal its self", "to re-balance the mind, body and spirit", with the sure knowledge that we are multi dimensional creatures and need balance and equilibrium in our whole selves in order to experience whole well being. But don't take my word for it - I am just one of many therapists, and I hope you get more responses soon so you have a wide range of answers. Carol Eva Rose Massage
Carol Anne Greenwood
14 Dec 2012 10:42PM

http://www.rccm.org.uk/node/196 This page might help you? Carol x
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