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Posted by: , 27 Jul 2012 12:00PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


Hi i have 2 questions please.1. will reflexology become a professional therapy.2.Is it harder for a man to get a therapy business going. I am 50 i have dip in human anatomy and physiology, reiki 1 an 2. and dip in reflexology now doing advanced reflexology.with The school of natural health sciences. could anyone offer advice on starting ect. i have my own table and treatment room ect. many thanks to all Tom f/b trreiki@hotmail.com or tom romeo reiki. or email tom9437@yahoo.co.uk.


Gloria Flannery
1 Aug 2012 11:19PM

Hi Tom. Good luck with your studies.Word of mouth is precious. So try to enlist friends who would benefit from a treatment.and offer tham incentives to recruit clients. If they have enjoyed it you will find that they have no trouble recommending you. You will probably take a while to build up a steady clientel To keep your clientel you could offer them one free treatment after every six, maybe, and you offer them a lower priced treatment for every two clients they get for you that actually come to you. Of course you could advertise in your local doctors, clinics, pharmacies, and any time you get a chance talk about your therapies to anyone who will listen. I find after clients have been on holidays or been sick they get lazy about factoring in time for treatments. It does no harm to cold call after a while and suggest that what they might benefit from reflexology to help their body recover. Try an open day twice a year and give 15-20 minute taster sessions, maybe for a charity. people might be more inclined to come if it,s a local chatity. Give a talk in your local hospital, nursing homes, hospices, businesses etc. Finally some doctors are quite willing to recommend their patients. So don't be afraid to ask him and educate him a bit if you need to. These are some of the ways I have built up my clientel so I would love if it worked for you. Continued Success, Gloria Flannery, Dublin
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