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Posted by: , 6 Aug 2014 12:22PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I have a client who has recently had a hysterectomy. She finds it tender around the reproductive areas. I'm assuming this is because of what she has had done but how would you interpret that tenderness in a client who has had a hysterectomy a good few years ago?


8 Aug 2014 9:36AM

Hi, Thanks for the message. Please could you give your membership ID before I send this query to our subject matter experts. Or You could log in from the members area and ask the question again. Regards, CThA
12 Aug 2014 9:31AM

Hi, Anyone presenting with a condition already being treated by a GP or any recent operations, it is advised that treatment only be given with medical, GP or Specialist permission and In circumstances where written medical permission cannot be obtained the client must sign an informed consent stating that the treatment and its effects have been fully explained to them and confirm that they are willing to proceed without permission from their GP or Specialist. For more details on this email GCMT @ www.gcmt.org.uk and CNHC @ www.cnhc.org.uk. Kind Regards, CThA
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