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Posted by: , 22 Mar 2011 7:53PM
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Sound healing

Could you insure me for this as well as my other therapies This course in particular focuses on sound healing with the voice, although you will learn a little about how other instruments effect the healing. Here is an example of some of the skills and teachings on the course: Understanding sound and the brain and how it works Using sound to clear and balance the self Using sound with visualisation Learning to perform sound for emotional and mental healing Learning to perform sound for physical healing Learning over toning, The power of chanting, Learning skills as a sound healer Sound performances and meditations, Sound Healing Practitioner Certificate This course is facilitated by Hanna Ehlers, a sound healer and channel. Her earthly training was provided by Tom Kenyon, renowned Sound Healer and founder of Psycho-acoustic Brain Research during an intensive course in Seattle which she was lead to via her higher self. Hanna's passion to re-awaken her own ability to heal with sound occurred after a memory of her home planet, far beyond the Gaia project and her Earth lives. She recalled how as etheric beings sound was used to sing to the auric field and realign any imbalances in the energetic frequency which was the essence of that being. Hanna has also had a huge passion for singing and sound making since her childhood and feels completely blessed to have now found what appears to be the main reason for her gift of voice. In the course Hanna combines training gained from Tom Kenyon and her own experience as a metaphysical, spiritual teacher and psychotherapist, conveying to the group how sound can be used as a healing tool and the importance of this beyond 2012.
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