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Posted by: Jaime Tanna, 28 Apr 2010 8:30AM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

We can appreciate the value of Reiki and energy healing from client testimonials

It is a shame that negativity from our media continues to cloud the benefits of the complementary approach. A large part of the reason for this is that our media tends to be negatively focused. Even though there is little scientific data on Reiki and its effects, there is a plethora of anecdotal evidence in the form of testimonials from clients around the world. We don't always need science to give us "hard" data on something before we know it is true for us, or that it works. I always appreciate it when clients take the time to give me their positive feedback, so I can share this with the public. Often, I have had clients come along who have been unsure and even a little sceptical of the benefits of having energy work. So, one doesn't have to believe in something for it to work! The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If you so wish, you can read a variety of testimonials on the Energy Therapy website here: http://www.energytherapy.biz/feedback.php Blessings, Jaime


Marilyn Joan Tidmarsh
28 Apr 2010 11:23AM

As a Reiki Master, Practitioner and Lecturer in a wide range of holistic therapies for many years, I have seen numerous people take comfort and healing from Reiki, be it as an aid to speeding up healing whilst going through cancer treatment, or as an emotional aid whilst enduring the many emotional traumas Life often throws at us. As a Lecturer based in Adult Community Education, I have offered my many students the opportunity to "have a go" themselves and in just one single two-hour workshop, students have been able to access Reiki energy for themselves and give healing to each other. This has not just benefited them on a physical level (perhaps their partner had a headache or an aching muscle and the pain was alleviated through their giving Reiki) but this simple technique has often been the catalyst needed to raise students' self-esteem and give them the confidence needed to start them on the road to a career in Holist Healing. This is about empowering people and planting the seeds of confidence and self-belief within them. I always feel a great sense of pride and joy when I meet former students in college and university, who have gone on from my 5 or 10 week "fun" classes to professional courses, which have changed the lives of both them and their loved ones. This, I feel was Dr. Usui's vision and pure intention when he re-discovered Reiki all those years ago. The work goes on from strength to strength!!!!! Marilyn J Tidmarsh Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Masseuse, Aromatherapist, Life Coach, Lecturer
Angela Rawlins
28 Apr 2010 5:02PM

I am also a Reiki Master - animals and children do not understand the 'placebo' effect........ My friends toddler nearly fell off the stool, she was so relaxed:)) My two cats come for healing when they are not well. I also have seen the effect Reiki has on huge Shire horses when I have held their heads in my hands. What more proof do I need?
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