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Posted by: Gillian Kenyon, 15 Sep 2010 1:41PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

GP's to control all referrals ?


Christine Beadle
18 Sep 2010 2:33PM

I read what "Natural Therapy Pages" (follow on Facebook) has to say. They announced recently that One Health Organisation contributed to the 63rd Annual UNDPI/NGO Conference -United Nations Conference in Australia Presenting the holistic perspective...for the first time ever. We should be pushing for integration into traditional health care. Targeting conferences of this ilk in UK is a start. How could it be achieved? www.ntpages.co.uk
Christine Beadle
18 Sep 2010 2:44PM

Are you a member of BHMA ? What do you think ? Chrissy
Rodney Stuart Robinson
25 Feb 2011 1:45PM

I certainly do, not least because few GP's are anything other than aggressively opposed to complementary medicine. At the very best they tolerate it. History teaches us a lot about the present. As a nurse I have studied the introduction of professional nursing by Florence Nightingale who's attempt were fought 'tooth and nail' by the medical profession. They felt threatened by another profession that may encroach on "their territory" Despite being best mates with Queen Victoria and half the cabinet of her day, the only way she was able to succeed in what she wanted to do was to order the newly trained nurses to stand back and watch the medics become overwhelmed with the number of casualties. She made the doctors ask for her help before she let her nurses 'stand to' and work on the wounded. Unfortunatley I don't think much has changed.
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