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Posted by: John Dent, 1 Dec 2006 9:37AM
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JOIN THE DEBATE! Your opinions on CAM development and Regulation

Following the articles in the Winter magasine by Edith Maskell we would like to know and publish views of members on what you think should be the relationship between Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the NHS, doctors and the "medical" profession generally. On regulation what are your opinions? Do you ewant to be regulated? Do you see value in being regulated? Do you want to be regulated as a "Complementary Therapy practitioner with your list of therapies" or separately for each individual therapy (as is suggested by the Aromatheray Council and others? The more those who actaully practice say what they want and need the better we can repesent those views. Please add to the debate. John Dent General Manager


Angela Rawlins
14 Dec 2006 7:11PM

I personally would prefer an encompasing regulation if any, as I can mix any of my therapies. If a practitioner had to be regulated to a separate body for each therapy, it would not be financially beneficial to them. I at the moment belong to The Complementary Ass. as well as The Association of Reflexologists and also The Thermo Auricular Ass. The membership fees would most certainly increase to cover the extra costs to each body. Will regulation be of benefit to complementary therapists? Perhaps, but there are a lot of medical practitioners who do not and will not recognise complementary therapy. Look at professor Ernst, who I am not sure is doing complentary therapy much good.
John Dent
15 Dec 2006 10:37AM

Hi, You need to separate membership of Professional Association(s) from Regulation. The regulation register will be ONLY to say you are "fit to practice" the therapies for which you are regulated. It will do no work for you as a Professional association reprsenting your interests. Thus the fee you pay for Regulation will be in addition to your various membership fees. I am interested that you are in 3. The objective of CThA is to cover all therapies for thgose who are multi-disciplined. However it si your choice of course. CThA has always - and continues - to argue for a single regulator covering all therapies. However there are those who want single registers for each separat therapy. Prof Ernst does have the great value in that he keeps Complmentary Therapy in the news whatever his opinions! John dent
Angela Rawlins
20 Jan 2007 1:26PM

Hi I have been a member of The AoR for some time, mainly because I get more particular seminar choice for reflexology. Also the magazine is specificly Reflexology. As also Thermo-Auricular therapy.
Jeanette Bean
22 Jan 2009 7:33PM

After hearing about a new register on the radio, I am now confused due to the debate going through for one voluntary register but after checking on the CThA, there is three. (CNHC), (GRCCT), and (BCTC)one of my customers mentioned hearing a dicussion on the T.V. about the (CNHC) with a doctor comenting that all she can do is give patients the list of registered therapists due to not knowing about the treatments and therefore unable to offer advice. This reminds me about the problems with Doctors refusing to sign letters from therapist with not knowing about treatments and could not give comment if it would help or not. Everyone is cautious now days due to potential sueing should anything go wrong. I am a complementary therapist covering a selection of different therapies and like most at the moment watching the pennies. Which if any is the register that is going to work for us and what will be the full fee? Jeanette Bean
Angela Rawlins
23 Jan 2009 4:30PM

Hi If you email the GRCCT telling them what therapies you practice,they will tell you how much membership will cost.you will only haveto pay forthe therapies that they are regulating. There hasbee a lot of discussion about regulation if you read the other posts. The CHNC will have funding from the DOH for a short period and afterthat runs out their costs willbe anyones guess!
Jeanette Bean
23 Jan 2009 5:18PM

Thank you Angela, for your advice I will, when I get chance email GRCCT for further information. However this still leaves me with the problem of which of these registers if any is going to benefit me and my business. If any are going to be backed by the DoH surely this would be the one offering benefits. If on the other hand it is only going to get support for a limited period where does this leave us after that time. Reading the information on CThA it is the CNHC that is going to get the backing from the Government, NHS etc?
Angela Rawlins
23 Jan 2009 5:42PM

Hi Jean PLEASE read the other 'Regulation' forum headings!!!!!! I,for one are not joining the CHNC mob! Check out the web site for GRCCT.
Jeanette Bean
23 Jan 2009 8:39PM

Hi Angela Thanks for your reply, I am at the moment still on a debate, there as been a lot of talk over the years about one regulated register for all complementary therapies in one place for everyone to find us. This still asn't happened and in my eyes at the moment the only people that have come close to this recently is our own Embody CThA. At the moment watching the pennies I want to make sure I go the right way this time. I will be looking into them after I have finished my assignment due in the morning and sorted my teaching handouts for the end of next weeks course.
Angela Rawlins
25 Jan 2009 12:02PM

Janette Make sure you read all that Edith Maskil had to say. She has her finger on the information. She was our Chair person and sat on the committee and consultative committee. The CHNC has NO professional therapists on the board - they can, if they wish consult a body.
Jeanette Bean
25 Jan 2009 9:56PM

Hi Angela Thank you, I couldn't understand why everyone was steering me away from what looked the obvious choice, but if i'm not mistaken this was one of the major stalling points when we were looking at a single register last time. How can we be represented by a Governing body that has no qualified therapist among their number. I didn't realise this was the one. So yet again we are in the same position we were before, we have not got a single register that represents us all and is governed by people who understand the needs and requirements of us as working therapists. Thank you very much for this information and as it stands I will not be joining any of them as none of them are actually making any headway with the real question. When all of the people who are attempting to sort a register have done fighting amongst themselves maybe then something will come out that is actually beneficial to us and our profession. Jeanette
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