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Posted by: Roushan Martens, 10 Feb 2009 8:01PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Occupational Standards - Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - your chance to comment


Roushan Martens
12 Feb 2009 9:16AM

Hi Angela - if you mean which page is the regulation info on - if you go to the CThA home page, there's a light green box on the right, with a link to a regulation info page on this site. For the info on occupational standards, you need to email the address above, and you'll be sent the documents. Having explored the issue a bit more, I think these standards will be for CNHC, but I could be wrong about that. So far CNHC only cover massage and nutrition, but by the look of the documents, a few more things are set to be included. I also received the email about the petition, and found myself wondering whether it was set up by someone who would rather comp. therapies weren't regulated at all, and is, in fact, against them. I replied to the email asking about the background of the instigator, but have had no reply as yet. Hope that answers your question, Roushan
Wow - I am a little dismayed yet not entirely shocked. People! NOS have been in place since the early 1990's depending which therapy you use. Come on - how hard can it be to do a google search and see what your professional standards of practice are. And could I point out the fact that as members of this organisation you are meant to be aware of your NOS???
Roushan Martens
4 Mar 2009 11:29PM

Some of us may feel a little adrift in the ocean of acronyms and professional bodies. I'm sure, however, that unfamiliarity with NOS as an acronym or a concept does not necessarily indicate a lack of awareness and enaction of the guidelines therein. The majority of therapists are embodying the guidelines in their work as a matter of course.
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