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Posted by: Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol), 5 Sep 2013 3:00PM
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possible u-turn over herbal medicine regulation, action required

http://www.anh-europe.org/SR2013 The above article is a panic by a pro regulation group about the potential looming u turn on regulating herbalism. It would be a great time for anyone interested to contact their MP etc and ask them to go ahead and U-turn! Herbalism is an area of folk wisdom and personal choice that it is crazy to regulate, and the drawn out HPC process has taken years and has essentially pressed the pause button on the industry. Many herbalists have quit! You can contact your MP via http://www.writetothem.com/ Cheers Stuart


Rosemary Pharo
5 Sep 2013 10:27PM

Thanks for the reminder, my herbalist had urged this earlier in the year, and I've now done it and written to Bob Stewart. Doesn't take very long and MP's do lsiten when a whole load of constituents start writing Rosemary Pharo
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