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Posted by: Helen Albea, 7 Jun 2012 10:23PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Problem registering with CNCH?


April Higgins
4 Jul 2012 2:28PM

Hi Helen I know where you are coming from.I originally qualified in 1994 it was an 18 month course and at the time was one of the best private training schools around registered with ISPA. Like you I am having problems getting my original qualification recognised even though I have been practising for nearly 18 years and also worked within an NHS funded resource.If you have a look at the BCMA website they have a few things to say about the way the industry is being standardised and regulated, it doesn't make good reading. I have since 1994 kept up my CPD and trained in various types of massage some of which are before 2005 and they seem to be an issue as well. It has got so ridiculous and I am so fed up with it that I am now enrolling on a VTCT course to get a DIPLOMA that all should be ok with. The irony is I met the girl who will be teaching the course and she qualified in 2005!! I personally don't like the way regulation is going and I think more therapists need to have a look at this because it is going to effect all of us, the regulations are going the way it is in the USA and if you go on the forums you hear so many therapists over there are exasperated with the restrictions on their practice.
Helen Albea
5 Jul 2012 12:18AM

Thanks for your response. I thought there must be other people affected by this, and that is just silly isn't it that your teacher is less experienced. I wish there was just one main body where registration is straight forward and compulsory for all massage therapists. Not all these differing, voluntary ones. And now the CNCH has come along and made us totally confused!! I hope in the future it develops into something similar to the CSP for physios or NMC for nurses. They are well known to public and professionals and work to constantly develop and support their professions. The only essential I see in having my registration with CThA is to be able to have insurance and advice if I ever get sued by one of my clients. There is a big focus on this rather than any serious research and development of massage therapy, which when you compare it to something like the CSP is pretty poor. I often wonder how many clients actually do sue after receiving a massage? What are the statistics per year?! It must be very low. How many members of the general public have really cared about how we word our websites and leaflets. I'm sure its not enough to warrant all the fuss thats made by these so called helpful bodies! We are now not allowed to say massage can do anything for you or claim to treat any conditions for fear of breaching the ASA and being sued. It is becoming more like the USA everyday!! I tried to register in the USA once and gave up because they have what seems like a similar system to CNCH. You need transcripts of hours completed and modules studied. It was very hard to get this info from my british course providers and the hours worked out to be too low. The only option was to pay $10,000 to re-do a dimploma there, and the syllabus was basically the same as the UK but full time over a year. Its hard enough to make money as a self-employed therapist without having to pay to re-do courses. I found a great deal of fuss was made there about bringing in compulsory licencing of therapists and that every one must register immediately. But, 4 years later the state I lived in have still not achieved this. Despite years of campaigning by the American Massage Association, the laws have not been fully established. Anyone can still call themselves a massage therapist and prostitutes still advertise freely as massage therapists. So it would have been a huge expenditure of time and money just be able to say I'm a licenced therapist when it wasn't neccessary. I just hope the CNCH is worth the wait and effort for us.
Marcus Staff
5 Jul 2012 2:22PM

I registered with CNHC for massage therapy and reflexology when it started, my 2004 MTI diploma was accepted, although I was a member of MTI and AoR at the time, not CThA. I am still waiting for CThA to decide if they are going to verify for Reiki, I find it weird that they are taking so long to decide as they have a reiki teacher register and are members of the Reiki Council. I don't really want to have to pay £40 to get FHT or UK Reiki Federation to verify my CNHC application as well as the £10 CNHC fee. Joining a multi-therapy associations was supposed to save me time and money... oh well. Marcus
Marcus Staff
5 Jul 2012 2:59PM

As voluntary regulation seems to be with us for the foreseeable future, perhaps CThA should only offer membership for therapies/qualifications that they would be willing to verify.
Helen Albea
16 Jul 2012 1:19PM

Aha, my approval just came through!
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