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Posted by: Jason Briers, 23 Apr 2012 11:27AM
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Registering your services on the NHS Database

Hi there I am a "qualified" Tui Na Therapist (qualified in 2003 with Bodyharmonics) & have passed BhTEC (ITEC) exams in A&P. I have a diploma in Foundation Tui Na and Master Tui Na disciplines. Having submitted paperwork to CtHA to request entry into the NHS Therapist Database (Feb 2012) & receiving no response. I contacted CtHA for an update on my application. I was informed that my application was not successful as my qualifications did not meet the required standards. I then enquired about conversion courses or additional training, again no information was available. Would be good to hear other therapists experiences & advice on this subject........


Sue Hannaford
23 Apr 2012 12:32PM

Do you mean the NHSTA or the CNHC? The NHSTA you apply direct. The CNHC is through CThA but there are only certain categories that are available. Did you apply for massage therapy? Is BhTEC part of ITEC? I believe that CNHC require minimum national occupational standards to have been met. You could check on the CNHC website for eligibility?
Jason Briers
23 Apr 2012 2:29PM

Hi Susan Yes, applied for CNCH via CtHA & also a 'yes' to be registered for massage therapy. According to their website (CNCH), I have to apply through CtHA, which I did. Not sure if CtHA are telling me that CNCH do not recognise qualification.
Sue Hannaford
23 Apr 2012 3:54PM

Hmmm, I would have expected them to have been explicit as to the reasons for non-eligibility. Try emailing Zara?
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