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Posted by: Paul Stuart Morgan-Ayrs MSc (Psychol), 24 May 2012 2:44PM
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regulation entry routes

Does anyone know whether CTHA is going to become an entry organisation for any other therapies in regard to CNHC? I am a little disappointed that Reiki is not accessible via CTHA membership... Anyone know what other therapies might be linked up? Cheers Stuart


Marcus Staff
24 May 2012 7:57PM

I contacted the CThA to ask why they are not verifying Reiki for the CNHC, they said they are having a meeting with the CNHC in June to discuss it and will make a decision after that on whether to verify Reiki applications. I am not sure on any other therapies, but I am surprised they do not verify more therapies like the FHT.
Thanks Marcus Yeah I have the same view - i know Kush is not a massive fan of the CNHC and wishes to remain strictly neutral. However it is very helpful for us to have the option and thus the verification process in place. Cheers Stuart
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