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Posted by: Lisa Woods, 14 Apr 2012 11:51AM
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Regulations and legal obligations

Can anyone help?, I'm studying I.T.E.C. holistic massage with NatureCare college, part of our training is to do four assignments on different complementary therapies. I have chosen Hot Stone Therapy, but i am stuck when it comes to REGULATIONS and LEGAL, I have been hunting the net to no avail, ive read about statutary and voluntary regulations, but not sure if this is the answer since everything seems to contradict it self. does anyone know the answer?


Richard Lawton
16 Apr 2012 9:07AM

Hi Lisa Most CAM therapies are not subject to statutory regulation. This means that there are no legal requirements pertaining to the specific practice of such therapies. This means that there are no specific legal requirements or restrictions on what you can or cannot do. However, running a business as a CAM therapist does mean that you will be subject to various legal requirement such as Health & Safety or Trading Standards. For example, if you advertise Hot Stone therapy, your treatments need to deliver what you have promised: you cannot make false or misleading statements either in print or on your website. I believe treatment rooms on businesses premises need to have a sink in the room, but home-based ones do not. So any practice will be subject to wider legalities. There is voluntary regulation through professional bodies such as CThA and FHT. These organisations will have their own rules about appropriate levels of training, treatment practice, ethics, etc. But, of course, therapists may choose not to belong to such organisations. So: NO STATUTORY REGULATION OF THE TREATMENT OPTION VOLUNTARY REGULATION THROUGH PROFESSIONAL BODIES BUSINESS PRACTICE SUBJECT TO WIDER LEGALITIES Hope this helps. Richard
Lisa Woods
17 Apr 2012 9:03AM

Thank you so much Richard, you have been most helpful. K r Lisa
Richard Lawton
17 Apr 2012 9:39AM

Good luck with your assignments!
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