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Posted by: Angela Rawlins, 10 Oct 2007 8:19PM
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Regulatory Register

What I and I'm sure many other complementary therapists would like to know is........... will the medical profession recognise therapists on the register???


John Dent
10 Oct 2007 9:19PM

CThA has at every possible occasion public and private asked The Dept of Health if it will announce to all medical professions that at the very least they should only refer patients to those on the national register. So far we have never had a positive answer. There have, however, been a few slightly more positive comments about "support" recently. As you know the "medical profession" is split on CAM some are strongly opposed, some are 'not opposed but not antagonistic' and some are supportive in recognising positive effects. Just having an official "register" will not I think change many minds. What can change acceptance is by CAM as a whole getting its "Evidence Base" established. Throughout medicine treatments and therapy have to be "evidence based" to be accepted. There is a great deal of evidence of the positive value of many CAM treatments published world wide but most practitioners do not know how to read and explian it or how to find it. Hence CThA supporting the publication of: Understanding Research in Complementary and Alternative Medicine A guide to reading and analysing research in healthcare By Edzard Ernst Available from Holistic Therapy Books (www.holistic-books.co.uk or any good bookseller). CThA is sponsoring a Special CAM Practitioner Workshop on Thursday 13th December as part of The 14th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care Tuesday 11th to Thursday 13th December 2007, Peter Chalk Conference Centre, University of Exeter, UK. Application forms available from info@complementary.assoc.org.uk ) John Dent CThA representative for Regulation
Angela Rawlins
11 Oct 2007 5:43PM

What complimentary therapy needs, is more positive reports in the press. Yet again, I read a negative statement by a nutritionist in one of the daily newspapers. I get sick and tired of all the negative remarks by some people who obviously know nothing about it:( I would love to see some reports defending complimentary therapy.
John Dent
11 Oct 2007 6:22PM

I do so agree. The "press" is a very interesting "animal". The National Press seems much to prefer "negative" stories: it loves death, accidents, bad doctors, MRSA in hospitals and of course "mad" CAM people. It does love a good story that "knocks" traditions. So "CAM THERAPY DOES BETTER THAN DRUGS" story as the recent one about Acupuncture and back pain did. (Sad that the research also proved that it did not matter who inserted the needles or where they were put!). The Local Press is the opposite. It loves good news stories especially local ones. Perhaps you and many other members can provide your local papers with your personal "good news" about what you are doing. "LOCAL MOTHER PRAISES CAM THERAPIST" .....You will need her written agreement and you need to be careful about your ethical standards. My local paper is often reporting people opening Complementary clinics. The medical profession is used to all the press stuff and only believes proven research results.. I think that is what will tell in the end but I may be wrong...!
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