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Posted by: John Dent, 8 Dec 2006 6:27PM
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The New Aromatherapy Register

On Dec 1 2006 a brand new body - the Aromatherapy Council - was set up to operate a single therapy register of Aromatherapists. It states that it is to be the first national single register for aromatherapists in UK. CThA voted against its inception as there is a planning programe in place to set up a National Federal Council of all therapies to have a single register and regulations scheme. This programme is being run by the Foundation for Integrated Health with the Department of Health being involved. The details are being worked out by April 2007 with a view to starting the oficial Volyntary National Regulation and registration Scheme by January 2008. Members who are aromatherapists are of course entitled to become registered by the AC if they wish. It is just a regulatory body and not any form of "professional membership organisation" It does not develop Aromatherapy, its role is to list aromatherapists who are qualified according to its stated standards, who agree to its Code and to accept its disciplinary procedures in the event of claims against registrants. It lets the public know that you are qualified and that clients can complain to it. You are able to work without being registered with it. Hopefully it will merge into the single national scheme when started in January 2007 and our advice is to wait until then before joining any specialist therapy regulatory body that i not part of the national scheme. John Dent General Manager


Raymond Major
12 Mar 2007 10:47AM

re the aromathrapt council. i have today received a letter from the AC which states that they are now the registration body for aromatherapy approved by the Department of health. it also intimates that unless we join we will be exclude from work in the NHS. with the work being done by the prices trust and CThA just what i the point of this organisation claiming to be the official register? i feel that some clarification is neaded before therapists pay out hard earnd cash neadlesly. ray major g5167
John Dent
13 Mar 2007 2:52PM

Hi, I am sure that what the letter says is true. However what it does NOT say is if the Dept. of Health has circulated all medical people and centres to tell them! At present the work to set up a single national register for ALL complementary therapists continues. It is due to start in Jan 2008. The deatils will be announced (they say) in October 2007. We continue to advise our aromatherapy qualified members to consider what value they will get from the interim register (which is waht the AC calls it) and perhaps wait until the national scheme is announced. John Dent General Manager CThA
Raymond Major
14 Mar 2007 12:22AM

hi john thanks for your prompt reply. i like a lot of other practitioners am getting so confused as to what is going on with the regulation thing. you have helped to sort out some of the confusion. the letter from Dr? hans Meier has a highlighted paragraph refering to the DOH letter dated 6th. Feb 2007 and says, 'congratulates us on achieving VSR for Aromotherapy and that the department is sure that trusts will have confidence to use the services of aromatherapists now that they have achieved voluntary self regulation'. so you can see where the confusion has come from. having followed the regulation closly from the first inklings i personally feel that some people have deliberatly tried to cause confusion in order to acheive some agender of there own. the only sane and sensible way forward is as it has always been promoted by CThA and its forerunners, one single regulatory body for all therapys. keep up the good work and let's hope that common sense will prevail Ray M.
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