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Posted by: Shelley Foster, 30 Jun 2016 10:28PM
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Training standards and regulation

Hello, Please forgive me. I am a bit miffed. How is anyone allowed to do a weekend diploma still and be allowed to take insurance and set up as a practitioner? I know that CThA don't allow this, but other so called therapy bodies do. I did a one day workshop on Hopi Ear Candling last weekend. The school was ok. But what shocked and really annoyed me is that there were 2 (perfectly lovely) ladies on the course, who, apart from a seated massage diploma had no other training. The tutor told them to ring Beauty Guild to get insurance. She must of seen the look on my face because she quickly added that it was best to do the ITEC course etc. How are we ever supposed to raise standards, and awareness about the benefits of massage so that therapists get paid and valued to their full worth if this is allowed??? Even their ITEC Massage and Reflex diploma's are questionable - hardly any time in classroom and left to your own devices to do all the case studies. Most of which will be made up and can't be checked, and this hardly makes for a good therapist.. Just wondering what else we can do to sort this out, and if anyone else feels the same way? Shelley


Suzanne Zacharia
8 Oct 2018 1:51PM

The public can choose a properly qualified person that works from a good establishment. Or they can choose someone in their living room. That is how it is right now. We can use that to our advantage :)
Amanda Clegg
8 Oct 2018 2:25PM

quite agree, we need better regulation and it's up to the insurance companies to insist on proper qualifictions. however, I must take issue with your comment about 'sitting room' practitioners - where you are located has NOTHING to do with your qualifications and experience. I am highly qualified with nearly 18 years experience and some clients have been with me from the start. I have only ever worked mobile (client's sitting rooms) and my own sitting room, as it is much more cost-effective than renting premises. the money I save goes on training!
Suzanne Zacharia
8 Oct 2018 2:34PM

That's awesome. I have been to some horrible places, dirty, or at someone front room with the smell of food in the background, and never returned. We need to find a way regarding insurance, as insurance companies want more therapists and do not care at the moment. The biggest challenge is that CAM regulation is voluntary and not mandatory, quite unlike, say, chiropractors.
Amanda Clegg
8 Oct 2018 2:52PM

equally, I have been in some pretty grim salons and with therapists clearly under-qualified!
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