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Posted by: Orlene Henry, 16 May 2008 1:50PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Shiatsu Regulatory Group Meeting. Next meeting 19.5.08.

Hello everyone, My name is Orlene Henry, and I am representing the CTha Shiatsu therapist/practitioner members at the SRG meetings. The SRG meetings are held once every two months, and the CTha was first represented by me on 31.03.08. My role is to attend the meetings, feedback via the CTha SRG discussions and issues, and represent our members views. I submitted my notes taken at the last meeting (19.5.08) to CTha members admin dept, and understand that this was made available last month, to all CTha members registered as Shiatsu therapists. All members are advised to visit the SRG website which is very user friendly, to bring themselves up to date with developments thus far. Please let me know if anyone has queries or points you would like me to raise on your behalf at the next SRG meeting which will be held on monday 19.5.08. I also need to know if our members are generally in favour of voluntary regulation. My notes from the next meeting will, as before, be submitted to Gemma at CTha Members Admin dept, to be made available to our members. Regards, Orlene p.s. this site will be checked again by me on 17.5.08 for any members comments prior to SRG meeting of 19.5.08
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