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Posted by: Rachel Kingsbury, 29 Mar 2015 8:44AM
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Consultation forms and records

I am just starting out as a reflexology therapist, and I am unsure of the consultation form and record keeping, when in training the standard was high and all 60 case study's were a lengthy 6 pages of questions, profile, findings and and foot reading and disclaimer, obviously every therapist will work differently, but what I would like to no is what is nessasary and important, as time is of the essence and clients don't really want to divulge all their life style? Please tell me how is best to keep records, thank you oh and we're can I get forms from?


Katy Walters
24 Feb 2016 12:57PM

I'd be interested in this too. I qualify soon, and the consultation form seems very lengthy. What information is important to have and what is the best way to keep records?
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