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Posted by: Ruth Maguire, 10 Oct 2006 2:24PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Forum request - Marketing

I believe it would be useful to have a marketing forum where we could share experience and ideas about attracting new clients and also provide feedback (positive and negative)on companies offering marketing services and tools to therapists. Making sure our hard earned pennies are spent on the most effective methods and offering protection against some of the scams that are out there.


Mariette Lobo
10 Oct 2006 2:38PM

Good idea, Ruth. I'll endorse this. I've been taken in by a scam myself! Mariette
Gillian Kenyon
4 Oct 2007 7:45PM

Hello both being one of a large group of independent practitioners who work together co-operatively across the UK, I have, on numerous occassions heard of and reported scams to both CThA and FHT. The only people who appear to taken on board my feedback was CThA from whom I received a circulared letter about scams with my membership renewal this year. Well done CThA!. In relation to marketing, I am a Chartered Marketeer and have been recognised by the Chartered Institute since Chartered Status was introduced too many years ago now for me to want to say. I have to maintain both my qualifications and mandatory CPD on an annual basis to retain my Chartered status. Having decided that I needed a change in career at the tender age of 40. I gave up work in my successful management and marketing consultancy company. It was then that I retrained and became a full time practising therapist and wellbeing practitioner -some 7 years ago now. For all of that time, I have been marketing not only my own therapy services to private clients and corporates who want on-site and exhibition therapy services, but also marketing the skills and services of those other numerous independent therapy practitioners who are involved in our coalition. I do this for us all on a daily basis - all without a consultancy charge. It does not, however, surprise me that the growth and emergence of the small therapy business has led to a noted increase in the number of people who are now trying to sell marketing services and marketing or business courses to therapists. We all need help with specialist skills and these do not come cheap, marketing consultancy can cost you anywhere between £250 and £1500 per day plus VAT, depending on what is being done and by whom, their level of expertise and skill. When selecting someone to work for you, my advise is the same as it was when advising directors and owners of other companies in my former 20 years as a Management and Marketing Consultant. It is: - select someone who has proven experience of marketing and building their own business in the therapy industry - select someone with whom you feel you have a good rapport and who talks to you in plain English about what they are proposing to you - select someone who is willing to put in writing what you will and will not get out of the deal - not just what you will be paying them.
Ruth Maguire
4 Oct 2007 10:04PM

Hi there, Thanks for posting that advice. It was for the very reason of creating an opportunity for us all to knowledge share that I requested the Marketing Forum. Those of us running businesses are best placed to help each other out. Not sure if it needs more support from members to be added? A separate forum would provide a really useful, up to date information resource for members, can we have one please??
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