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Posted by: Michelle Herron, 28 Apr 2007 5:28PM
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Innappropiate Behaviour within the Client/ Therapist Relationship

I am currently doing some research on innappropiate behaviour within the client/therapist relationship and would like to assess if any members have had incidents wherein a client displayed innappropiate behaviour in a sexual context or had been asked to embark on a personal relationship i.e. had asked you to go on a date. If so my focus of interest is how you dealt with the client; did you just terminate the client/therapist interaction - if so how or did you refer the client to another therapist as you felt that they had just misread the context of what a supportive relationship is, however they still would benefit from treatments? Additionally did you report this incidence to any professional body or receive peer support and do you feel that there is adequate information on how to deal with this topic and if so how did you access this information? Thank-you in advance for this feedback.
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