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Posted by: Trisha Gabriel, 11 Apr 2007 2:04PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.


I understand that the Reflexology Forum have stated that it is now necessary for all reflexologists to hold a Maternity Reflexology qualification, before giving treatment to pregnant clients, however although there is a 1 day course available through CThA, I wondered if this a sufficient, given that one of the large Reflexology Associations runs one which is 2 days + written dissertation and 2 case studies. If this is necessary I would have thought there would be far more available courses running to cover the demand...any thoughts please.!!


Mariette Lobo
11 Apr 2007 4:07PM

I haven't as yet been made aware of this, Trish. But whilst regulation of therapies is to be welcomed (and hopefully statutory rather than voluntary), this sort of edict worries me. At this rate, why not a separate qualification for conditions other than pregnancy - and why is it being singled out? Where does one draw the line? Most of us practising reflexologists have done courses where we have had a good grounding in conditions like pregnancy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc etc etc. It's been part & parcel of these courses which have, hopefully, made us fit for purpose as reflexologists (in my case over 10 years!) and given us the confidence to treat clients through pregnancy, cancer and a host of other conditions. For those of us who wanted further knowledge/understanding of the condition, and using reflexology as a therapeutic medium, we have then, of our own free will, undertaken further study and "specialised". Back to my point - if the Reflexology Forum now decide that certain conditions require additional endorsements over and above our practitioner qualifications, then I think we're moving on to different territory. Perhaps John Dent has a view (see his previous Forum correspondence) on cancer. Mariette M
Trisha Gabriel
11 Apr 2007 7:29PM

Hi Mariette, I actually left a large association because of all the rules and regs and requirements, and recently joined CThA, mainly because amount of cpd is more acceptable, my point was I think many reflexologists would agree with you, and that we do generally choose areas to take further workshops in for ourselves which are not usually compulsory. I was surprised to see only a 1 day course offered, as I thought with the new regulatory procedures there would be many people feeling they were 'required' to do further study, also the question of the difference between a 1 day course and the one I described before. I have also been a therapist for over 10 years. Trish.
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