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Posted by: Urvashi Patel, 11 Jan 2013 4:08PM
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price increase

Can I ask advise on how best to inform existing clients of a price increase. They have not been raised for 2 years and I was happy to send a text but i'm not sure weather that's polite or not . Please help!


Amanda Clegg
11 Jan 2013 6:00PM

i give everyone a month's notice, telling them at one appointment that their next appointment in a month's time will be at the new price. those I don't see that often just get told at the time 9 or if they ask when booking). I tend to do price increases later in the year, not in Jan/Feb as everyone is broke! Hope that helps!
Amanda Clegg
11 Jan 2013 6:00PM

by the way, Urvashi, your listing isn't available on the ctha directory?
Urvashi Patel
12 Jan 2013 10:12AM

Hi Amanda, yes that that makes sense not to increase just yet maybe I may wait a month or so. Thanks for telling me my listing is not updated. I don't know whats gone wrong there...good job I put this post on. Thanks again
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