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Posted by: Gillian Greening, 16 Sep 2006 4:36PM
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Reiki lineage

Hello everyone. I have just been looking at the application form for the Reiki Master and I see we have to put our lineage for Reiki on the form. I am starting to have a bit of 'problem' with this, I expect a lineage if I buy a pedigree dog, I don't expect to have to prove it for my Reiki. Is this just me or do others feel this way also. Surely the test is if we practise that we have clients who come to us, if we teach that we teach our students properly? I would expect most of us would have lineage that would trace back to Mrs Takata, is it really necessary to have to put that all down? Would appreciate some feedback on this Gillian Greening


Eileen Rolland
3 Apr 2007 3:44PM

Hi Gillian I think in asking for a lineage, people can be assured that you studied with a recognised teacher. Fair enough, I think. There are a lot of charlatans out there. Eileen Rolland
Doreen Sawyer
12 Feb 2010 12:50PM

The need for a lineage is to help ensure that you have been taught by a teacher who is possibly teaching within a certain style of reiki. Not all reiki goes back to Takata but it should always go back to Usui as the "founder" or "rediscoverer" of the system. If you can't provide such a lineage then it would be a good idea to start researching it because it is a requirement for voluntary regulation but if things turn to statutory regulation, which it may certainly do, then you would not be able to register and practise without it. If the lineage does not go back to Usui then it may be a different energy system which has been channelled and therefore technically is not considered to be reiki.
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