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Posted by: Emma Woods, 27 Mar 2013 11:12AM
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SURREY Student needing Case Study Volunteers for ITEC Aromatherapy Diploma

I hoping to find some people for my Case Studies in ITEC Aromatherapy Diploma. I am willing to visit your home and this will of course be FREE! What to expect- A detailed medical history will taken, which includes questions about diet, lifestyle and health problems. You may also need inform your general health care provider about your aromatherapy treatment. I will also advise you (as best I can being a student!) on a course of aromatherapy treatment and give you advice about home treatments. Depending on your health, I may suggest to breath the oils in from a piece of cloth or through steam inhalations, vaporizers, facial treatments such as masks, or sprays. I am required to carry out 6 massage treatments and 15 non-massage treatments I am willing to travel Can anyone help me out ?


Amanda Clegg
27 Mar 2013 11:24AM

hi Emma Love to help - I'm just south of Godalming. Where are you? pM me via my business listing?
Victoria Page
27 Mar 2013 11:32AM

Hi Emma, I'd love to help too. I miss my training days, the case studies were fascinating! I'm based in Farnham. I have a couch, the full set up at home so you wouldn't need to bring a couch if you were to see me at mine. My email is relax@vip-therapies.com Victoria :)
Joan Wallis
27 Mar 2013 11:59AM

Hi Emma, I miss the training days too! I'm willing to help I live in Crawley Joan
Jennifer Ellis
27 Mar 2013 2:37PM

Hi Emma, I am in Kingston and would love to help! I have a couch here and towels. If you are interested please call me on: 07872 429139 Good luck with your studies, Jennifer
Emma Woods
28 Mar 2013 2:12PM

Hi all. Thank you so so much for your relpies. I would love to use the help of all of you if thats ok. I will be in contact soon. Thank you again. Emma
Victoria Page
28 Mar 2013 4:30PM

Well, I think we're all very lucky ladies! Thanks Emma
Joan Wallis
2 Apr 2013 11:57AM

Hi Emma, I agree with Victoria, we are all very lucky. Look forward to hearing from you.
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