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Posted by: Kerrie Campbell, 16 Mar 2012 1:00PM
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Web site advice needed

Hi all can anyone give me advice about setting up a website? Any ideas of who to use for best results? Any advice very gratefully recieved Best regards Kerrie


Ewa Winnik
16 Mar 2012 2:16PM

Hi Kerrie, I can recommend 1 and 1. I have used them before (not for complementary therapies website - but I don't think that should make a difference); they offer whole packages depending on what you need, including domain registration, an easy to use website builder, webmail, e-shop if needed and lots of other options. They also have a 24-hour telephone support line that I have heard very positive comments about recently (I never used it myself). I don't think they are the cheapest, not overly expensive either, but definitely good value for money. And a reputable company. Good luck!
Kerrie Campbell
16 Mar 2012 2:29PM

Thanks so much Ewa, will have a look at them. Best regards Kerrie
Catherine Strang
18 Mar 2012 12:31PM

Hi Kerrie I'm using Health Hosts (they also run an alternative health forum called Healthy Pages) who are fairly cheap (about £30 - £50 plus VAT to set up) and costs about £10 a month to run. You have endless pages that you have complete control over and depending on the package a built in autoresponder newsletter. They have video tutorials and a fairly rapid help response. Good luck with it all! Warm regards, Catherine
Kerrie Campbell
18 Mar 2012 6:31PM

Thanks Catherine, that's really useful, will definately have a look. Have you any idea about where their pages come in a google search? Not really sure what i'm talking about but people tell me that it's possible to have an effect on how high up your website comes in google search results. Does you have any idea about this? Thanks so much ! What would I do without you all? Kerrie x
Catherine Strang
19 Mar 2012 9:00PM

Hi Kerrie Not so sure about how good they are for that - to really optomise a site you have to do a lot of work yourself or get an expert in - sorry, marketing is such a huge amount of work these days! Warm regards, Catherine
Katy Walters
24 Feb 2016 1:01PM

What logos are we allowed to put on? I'm a member of the CThA, but I noticed there are also logos for Embody. Do you need to become a member of this too before you can use the logos? Thanks!
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