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Posted by: Hands Inc Hands Inc, 22 Jun 2016 5:39PM
Please do not use the forums to advertise courses.

Event: Should Complementary Therapies be available on the NHS 27th July 2016

Do you think that complementary therapies should be made available through the NHS?? Complementary therapies provide people with additional means in which to cope with anxiety, stress, and pain. It helps people to help themselves to live more healthy lifestyle. Please come and join us for an important discussion about why the NHS should be supporting the use of complementary therapies and even helping to integrate them into their services. Follow the link for more info and please help spread the word https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/complementary-alternative-medicine-open-discussion-tickets-26193855527?ref=estw


Kathryn Lara Kutner
24 Jul 2016 1:37PM

I have always even the therapy as a preventative treatment. It can be part of a cure for certain conditions. For the recipient I think that it would be a great step forward to incorporate the treatments as part of the NHS service. Only there would need to be strict rules as to when to treat and contraindicated. I often experience the response from some of my clients to my refusing treatment due to contraindications, which is that another therapist treated them without consultation or screening so why am I contraindicatiingthem now? After careful consideration I either treat or turn my clients away. There needs to be a tighter rein on the profession and by introducing the therapy into the NHS perhaps some therapists will conduct their practice in a stricter format.
Hands Inc Hands Inc
25 Jul 2016 3:33PM

Yes, I think its really important that we act professionally. I also think that the emergence of frighteningly short courses that lets people believe they can be a therapist in 3 months and sometimes less should not be banned. They don't do the industry any good
Henry Watson
15 Jan 2018 6:09PM

Is there any feedback from this event? - did anybody attend ?
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