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Posted by: Julie Egginton, 7 Jul 2009 10:19AM
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Embody Magazine - Spring 2009

Dear All, Having picked up a copy of the Spring 2009 Embody magazine @ a therapy centre, I discovered it had an excellent article on aromatherapy (which I am about to start studying)& baby massage (which I hope to study next year). Does anyone have a copy they could sell to me or would be able to let me have copies of the 2 articles? Any help would be appreciated, as the aromatherapy article in particular would be a great reference for my studying. Regards Julie


Lynn Blackwell
10 Jul 2009 1:15PM

Send me your details and I will send you a copy of the articles. Lynnblackwell@hotmail.co.uk
Carolina Romero
10 Feb 2010 5:40PM

Hi, I would be interested in having that magazine as well, is possible to have a copy for me?or could you please let me know where I can find it? Thanks! Kind regards, Carol
Lynn Blackwell
24 Feb 2010 11:36AM

Hi, it's Lynn here. I noticed an entry on the website from Carolina Romero about the article that I sent to you............ Have you sent her a photo-copy ? I can't do it as I do not have her details. Best Wishes. Hope you are enjoying your studies. Lynn.
Julie Egginton
25 Feb 2010 8:55PM

Carolina, Happy to send you copies of the articles which Lynn kindly forwarded to me. If you would like to email me your postal address at ja.egginton@btinternet.com. Regards, Julie
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